About Us

Mission Statement

"To free up our clients’ time by offering a trustworthy, environmentally safe and effective cleaning service. We uphold our commitment to quality by utilizing an efficient, thorough and professional team. We strive to utilize only non- toxic, bio-degradable cleaning products ​that are both effective and environmentally safe."

Meet the AGC Team . . .
I am married to my best friend and business partner and am a grateful mother of three beautiful boys. My new passion is creating environmentally conscious cleaning products. I am grateful for all my Cleaning Tech’s and Clients for helping us be the company we are today. I also want to thank Sherry Clive for helping me and Rhydon have a life outside of work. I am truly blessed. ​

​A semi-retired chef, Rhydon joined Amy's Green Cleaning in 2005 on a part-time basis. He jumped in as the full-fledged Operator and Co-Owner of the business in 2008. Rhydon enjoys fishing, camping, hiking and spending time with his family. He and Amy have been happily married since 2001.


​Karina and her husband, Santana, have have three beautiful children. Her family is from Mexico; they came to the U.S. to have a better life for the family. Karina has been working with Amy since 2008. She appreciates how Amy and Rhydon take care of their green cleaning team!

​Stephanie is mother of two wonderful children. She loves animals, nature and her job! She works hard and laughs harder... "life is good." Stephanie is thrilled to be a part of Amy's Green Cleaning because of Amy and Rhydon's genuine awareness of the environment & their love for the AGC family!


​Janet has been working with Amy's Green Cleaning going on three years. She and her husband have been married for six years and have two beautiful girls, ages four and one. She is a detailed oriented green cleaning technician who takes pride in her work. Janet considers Rhydon and Amy great bosses and good people. Her plans include returning to college to pursue a career in healthcare.

​Lesly is from Colombia, South America. Her beautiful family is made up of her husband and their five children. Lesly became part of Amy's Green Cleaning Team in 2015. She is serious about her work and provides quality cleaning and responsiblity for each and every client.


Tiffany is 28 years old and has lived in Helen Georgia for all of those 28 years. She has a fiancé and a 7 month old son named Talon. Tiffany enjoys hiking, traveling and anything on the water! She has been with AGC since April 2017. "Amy and Rhydon are great! All of the girls I have worked with have been kind and very helpful as I learn the ropes. I am excited for what is to come!"


Liz moved to Clarkesville from Atlanta only 7 months ago. She has been part of Amy's Green Cleaning Team since April 2017. She absolutely loves Amy, Rhydon and the girls she works with cleaning homes. The work environment and the green cleaning products have impressed her greatly. When she isn't working, Liz enjoys hiking, camping and being outdoors as much as possible.


Clem is a musician, artist and organizer, keeping the eternal now colorful & clean. He became part of Amy's Green Cleaning in April 2017. 


Jillian is the mother of 3 beautiful children. She loves animals, spendng time with her children and being outdoors. She began training with the Amy's Green Cleaning Team back in April of 2017. Jillian takes pride in knowing that she is not only doing an environmentally safe job, but also making a positive difference in the lives of others.


Esther has a passion for health and well-being. She loves the earth and doing all she can to keep it green. She has a precious six year old boy and she is currently attending massage therapy school. We were all delighted to bring Esther in to join the Amy's Green Cleaning Team in May of this year.


Jenna is 25 years old and is originally from Augusta, Georgia. She has lived in the Sautee area for 2 years and loves being in the mountains. She hikes often with her dog, Bowie and white water kayaks whenver she has the chance. Jenna loves working for Amy's because of her passion for water conservation and envrionmental friendliness.


Silvia is from sunny California and has been in Georgia for 18 years. She enjoys cleaning, is thorough and very professional. Silvia is the newest on the AGC team since January of 2018. Amy's All Purpose and Glass Cleaner are her favorites. She likes the aroma and the fact that they are not harmful to your skin. We love working with her!


​Sherry has been working with Amy & Rhydon since 2009. She is both Graphic Artist and Office Manager at Amy's Green Cleaning. She enjoys sharing her creative side through design and marketing, her organizational and mathmatical skills through administrative and bookkeeping tasks. She feels at home working with Amy's Green Cleaning and is committed to making the world a greener place by using Amy's Green Cleaning Products in her home, office and studio.